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This used to be our family blog. We are currently experiencing more pain than we ever thought imaginable. In a few short days, we lost our reputations, our jobs, our friends, and the respect of our loved ones. We will be forced to move from our home and uproot our family from the life we knew. 

Immediately following our arrest, we were railroaded into the media spotlight, where the story would boost ratings and stir controversy. This would also serve as an example of where our tax dollars are being spent by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department. All things aside, we were amazed by the fact that over 20 fully armed officers were waiting on the scene of the arrest, while many cases of murder, rape, and child abuse go on unresolved. Regarding the alligations, would like to state that we were completely unaware of the Craigslist ad placed by Mr. Auker, and were not involved in arrangements made for the alleged crime. We have never participated in bestiality, and never will. That being said, we do not wish to endure a grueling public trial for a crime that historically yields a misdemeanor. We have already been tried by the media and wish to move on. 

Since our arrest, we have been humiliated, degraded, and threatened by posts on the Internet. We struggle to live with what we feel is a living nightmare. Our quiet life as a couple with three young children has been forever changed. One thing remains the same. We believe we are good people, and seek to salvage what is left to keep our family together. We have learned not to judge others, and will never participate in online harassment. We have truly felt its devastating effects. 

If you support the recovery of our family, think before you post or make judgements. We still are optimistic and faithful that we can overcome this tragic situation with the help of or family, friends, and good souls out there who see our struggle. We are not a news story. We are a family. 

Thank You.