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Whats Up & Whats New

1/12/02 -- Our first Christmas together was awesome! Our apartment is very cozy & we have a pet hampster, Herman. Jerry & Marva live around the corner, and so do Jake & Julie. The Mesa Temple is just a block away. We like our ward & are teaching in primary together. We are both starting school again this semester and working full time.
1/24/02 -- Shane turns 28 today...Sarah is 41/2 years behind!
1/27/02 -- Today Sarah's first little nephew, Gavin, was born. She spent all day at the hospital and watched the birth. He is a little fat cutie! Jerry & Marva are so happy.
3/24/02 -- Today is Grandma Ferguson's 90th birthday. Dad took her out to dinner in the sidecar of his motorcycle! You have to see pics of this on my Family page. She actually had fun. We were all at the restauraunt waiting when they pulled up.
4/26/02 -- It was one year ago today that we first met. We met at church, over the refreshments. We found out we like the same music, the same food, and had a lot in common. A month and a half later we were engaged and have spent every day together since.
6/7/02 -- Today is our engagement anniversary and we got each other little gifts. We are really glad to have a break from school & look forward to our vacation coming up. We worked hard this semester and both of us got straight A's.
7/13/02 -- Our vacation to Oregon was a blast! We went for two weeks and stayed with Shane's family in Medford. We went fishing & caught some trout, but Sarah missed out on the 'monster salmon'. Too bad her pole was too small. We went to the fish hatchery and watched the salmon return for the season, then went hiking and saw some waterfalls. We took a drive up to Crater lake and saw that incredible blue water.
9/25/02 -- Sarah turns 24 today, and we celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary two days ago. We decided to make it a special occasion and went out to look at homes. We went to Red Lobster and went shopping.  We found a home we really like & are very excited.  We have started school again, and Sarah has decided she wants to major in Art Education, teaching High School or college.
11/20/02 -- Shane got a new job at a company called Professional Services. He works with major retail companies and specific product lines. Right now he has 6 local Home Depot stores he works with & enjoys a change. We traded in our chevy blazer for a new Civic. Shane misses the Blazer but not the gas mileage. We got the car because we are getting a new house!! (the house is far from work so we wanted something to drive the long distances.). We already put down our earnest money and picked out all of our options.  Our builder is Fox and Jacobs homes, and the home is about 2230 sq. feet, with an added 4th bedroom. It will be done in April & we cant wait. (see our At Home page for a photo of the house & a link to the plans.) Our 2 bedroom apartment suddenly seems so small. School is going well & we will be going to ASU next semester.

12/03/02 - Thanksgiving was great and lots of family came down for the holiday. We both had a four-day weekend and did some good shopping, too bad we have no where to store a new washer, dryer and fridge for the house. We've never shopped for major appliances before. We put up our christmas tree. We got a big one last year, but it took up half the living room so we decided on  a little one this year. We will wait till next year to get a big tree for the new house.

1/24/02--Well Christmas has come and gone, leaving only it's prized loot, a bit of wrapping, and cherished memories behind. We are excited to see the work on our home is gathering speed, evident by it suddenly popping up out of no where a few weeks ago. We have a little Niece now, Gabriella Ezra Ferguson, daughter of Jake and Julie Ferguson. She was born on Jan. 12th, 2002. We will be posting photos of all the babies on here soon. She is a very quiet, sweet little soul who coos cute babbling noises. We are excited to expect another nephew in May, Jerry & Marva's second boy. Soon the house will be full-o-babies when we visit "grandma" and "grandpa". We are both working full time and going to school again this semester, Sarah likes ASU but not the huge 101 classes packed with freshmen. She will be doing mostly abstract art this semester in her studio class. We went snow skiing last weekend at Sunrise with Dad, Jerry & Wyatt. It was really warm & people were skiing in shorts and t-shirts. Luckily, Sarah didn't hit a tree going 40mph this time.